Hair Care Tips With Honeybee

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I purchased Honeybee hair. How do I maintain My hair?

Now that you have order honeybee, you may want to know how to maintain that luxury look!

here are some tips to keep your look:

The best ways to maintain your extensions so that they last for more than one install is to treat them like your natural hair because they still need attention and maintenance.

– Treat your extensions like its your regular hair!

regularly wash, condition, and detangle. Also try to braid at night or use Bonnet to protect when sleeping

– Dry your hair completely 

Make sure your hair is dried completely.

– Do not leave them in for an extremely long time

 It is good to only keep in your braided sew-in for up to eight weeks.

Shampoo that matters:

 Make sure you use a non-conditioning shampoo for your extensions.

Colored hair extensions

 please allow a hair stylist to color your hair if you’re not experienced with color

Removing your hair extensions 

please let the stylist who put them in take them out if you don’t know how to take your extensions out

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